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The Cognitive Ergonomics Group was created by Professor José J. Cañas at the University of Granada at the beginning of the 90s. His objective was to apply the knowledge about Human Factors and Ergonomics to the solution of human factors problems in the industrial, the institutions and the society in general. Being an university research group, our work has always had two aspects. On the one hand, we work on solving the problems that our clients raise and, on the other hand, we do basic research on Human Factors and Ergonomics when current knowledge is not enough to solve those problems.

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Psychological components are now more important than physical ones in the work done by one person.

The technological revolution in industry has meant that human work depends on the perceptual abilities, memory, decision making etc., rather than the manual skills of workers. For this reason, the intervention of cognitive ergonomists is essential to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and safety of workers.

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How do we do our work?

Research and Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer is the process of putting academic knowledge to practical use. Our group has long experience in knowledge transfer, as shown by our high experience with many companies and institutions.

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Our Current Projects

Safety Granada International Seminar Coorganizers

Since 2012 the Cognitive Ergonomics Group, in cooperation with Ergotec and with the support of ICSI, coorganizes “Safety Granada”, a first level scientific-technical international seminar which attracts hight-risks european and american agencies and enterprises.

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Safety Granada 2016

Research Cooperation Academic Institutions

Research Cooperation Private Companies

Latest news

Professor José J. Cañas has been appointed as a member of the Editorial Board of the Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology.

Open Journal of Safety Science and Technology

Members of the Cognitive Group co-organized with Professors Chiara Leva and Luca Longo H-Workload 2020

The members of our Cognitive Ergonomics Group, José J. Cañas and Enrique Muñoz de Escalona in collaboration with Professors Chiara Leva and […]

Professor J.J. Cañas as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ETAIROS Project on Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Professor J.J. Cañas participates as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the ETAIROS Project on Artificial Intelligence and Ethics ETAIROS […]

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